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A pink mane edit of >>1761465 I did a while back and forgot about.
safe1751316 artist:yakovlev-vad510 edit135934 editor:assturtle5 princess celestia96787 alicorn232989 pony1011311 :p9467 aside glance482 book34549 bookmark236 cheek fluff5936 chest fluff41247 clothes476291 crown17971 cute205789 cutelestia3671 cutie mark49733 female1402593 flower26715 fluffy14708 food73014 forest10568 fudgesicle5 grass10161 hoof shoes5776 ice cream5201 jewelry68420 leg fluff3199 levitation12575 licking20874 lidded eyes31819 magic75422 mare502536 mlem912 mountain5361 nature1010 necklace20543 outdoors11625 peytral3781 pink-mane celestia2632 prone26363 regalia21165 scenery8240 shoes38760 shoulder fluff1948 silly7549 smiling261232 solo1094890 spread wings57127 summer1503 sunflower514 telekinesis28749 tiara4266 tongue out108337 tree33542 wing fluff1693 wings123284


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I was handed the original version somewhere on Discord and it was apparently resized there. I would re-do it, but the original has so many close hues that it's an absolute pain to change Celly's mane and not her coat/crown