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Commission for the lovely flippedoutkyrii, who also wrote the story that goes with.


Diamond Tiara flicked her ear to the break in the awkward silence. Their quick little shortcut home from school quickly turned into an extended slog as Filthy Rich’s gift to his precious little filly now served as an overpriced raft. And Diamond Tiara was getting no end of Silver Spoon’s objections to their current predicament.

“This was a road yesterday!” Diamond Tiara snapped, bitter at her reliance on her now thoroughly soaked GPS and waterlogged Ashton Dragon Vantage they found themselves on the roof of.

“And last night it raiiined!” Silver Spoon chimed, raising an eyebrow at Diamond Tiara with a hint of humor in her tone, much to the Earth Ponie’s displeasure.

“I don’t see what is so damn funny, Silvy!”

“And I don’t know how you didn’t see this coming a mile away!” Silver Spoon gestured to the flooded road, nodding in the direction of the multiple signs that read plain as day “Road May Flood During Rainfall”.

“There’s no need to get snappy at me, Silver!” Diamond Tiara snarled, folding her arms in a huff. “The GPS told me there was a road here and I obliged to it’s directions!”

“You could clearly see it was now a RIVER!!” Silver Spoon spat, kicking the water with the bottom of her platform sandal. Blowing a strand of her mane out of her vision, Silver Spoon sighed. “At least I was prepared-”

“Yeah, I saw the same episode of The Office last week!” Diamond Tiara half-chortled, pouting as a duck quietly passed the hood of the once highly esteemed sports car. It wasn’t crafted by some of the most experienced Dragon mechanics just to wallow in filth! “At least this miserable afternoon can’t get any worse!”


Diamond Tiara froze as the sound of a heavy vehicle thundered ahead of them. The spoiled Earth Pony didn’t even need to give it more then a glance to know who was coming. It was Applebloom’s wreck of a Jeep! Just a couple years ago it sat in her barn as a hollowed-out, weather beaten husk that was battered into a lemon by the neighboring hicks.

And yet here it defiantly braced the floodwaters atop it’s heavy mudkings, it’s spotless body free of any of it’s prior dents and signs of abuse as the current owner sat behind the wheel of her mighty and immaculately maintained machine, wearing an absolutely priceless smirk on her face.

“Hey, D.T! Your million bit write-off is blocking the road!” Scootaloo piped up, poking her head out of the passenger window with a toothy grin that was followed up by the delightful wave of a fashionably blind Sweetie Belle.

Oh great, the whole gang was here!

“Well well well, what ave’ we here!?” Applebloom giggled, barely containing her mirth as she leaned out from the driver seat. “Seems lahke sumpony didn’t check the weather!”

“Laugh it up, Bloom! It’s not like you haven’t gotten your hunk of junk stuck in the mud!” Diamond Tiara folded her arms and pouted as Silver Spoon happily waved back to Sweetie Belle. “We are already late, our phones are soaked and no doubt daddy is shouting at Sticker Shock to do something!”

“Ya’ll want me tah give em’ ah call-”


“Ya’ll atleast need ah lift?” Applebloom nearly swallowed her own tongue in a fit of rage. She wasn’t going to give Apple Bloom the satisfaction she so cherished! Sighing deeply, Diamond Tiara raised her head high as she cast a glare at all the occupants of the jeep.

“I’ll have you know, neither of us are going to sink so low as to ride in such a-” Diamond Tiara bit her lip as Silver Spoon skipped off the Ashton Dragon’s roof and dashed through the flood waters, her platform sandal’s keeping her stocking’s mostly dry as she leaped onto the Jeep’s bullbars and pulled herself onto the Jeep’s hood.

“Sticker Shock is out on vacation, so If the going gets tough, you gotta save yourself!” Silver Spoon piped up cheerfully, crossing her legs as she cast a delightful smirk to Sweetiebelle behind her. Fuming from her betrayal, Diamond Tiara huffed her mightiest HUFF and threw her mane to the side, folding her arms for dramatic effect.

“I’d rather WALK!” Diamond Tiara snapped, kicking her boot up high to accentuate her point.

“Then go right on ahead! It’s a free Equestria!” Scootaloo laughed, bringing herself further out of the jeep until she was sitting on the windowsill.

“Fine!” Diamond Tiara growled. “I WILL!!” The Earth Pony’s pout remained for an uncomfortably long time as she eyed the mire beneath her feet. With all eyes on her, she knew she needed to live up to her word. Dipping her toe into the muck, she cringed as her 1000 bit boot sunk in further, coating her studded diamond anklet’s in gunk until her foot landed firmly on what was one the road. Looking up, she quivered as Scootaloo now sat on the roof, doing little to contain her bemusement as she flapped her wings in anticipation. Taking another step, she was one bit closer to the “riverbank” yet Diamond Tiara’s shallow sense of victory was further diminished by the inclusion of Sweetie Belle who happily dug into a bag of chips with her fashion massacre on full display. Gulping, Diamond Tiara made one final step forward, only to freeze up at a sickening SCHLURP as her boot slipped clean off her foot, slowly sinking into the mire behind her. Turning to face her audience with a quivering lip, she uttered a single word.


“Well, ah’d be honored!” Applebloom laughed, clambering out of the driver seat and landing feet first into the muck with a splash, her sturdy cowgirl boots easily cutting through the mire as she made her way toward the Earth Pony, who hobbled one one foot much to her own detriment. Cheeks growing rosy from a crescendo of laughter, Diamond Tiara buried her face in Apple Bloom’s tattered workshirt to hide her embarrassment.

“There we go, ya’ll gained weight these last couple weeks?” Apple Bloom chirped loudly.

“Just carry me to the riverbank, I’ll walk the rest of the way!”

“Ahm’ mighty sorry ‘bout the lahst tahme we wrangled lahk this! Ah swear, it won’t be sumthin’ ah’ll repeat-”

“-Just hurry up! We don’t have much further to go!”

“-But ah gotta admit, mah arm is gettin’ miiiighteh sore carryin’ yer heaveh ass!” Apple Bloom Leaned over to the side, causing Diamond Tiara to shriek and cling to her reluctant savior with extreme vigor. Apple Bloom was obviously enjoying her sweet time exacting karmic revenge on her childhood bully. But deep down, she knew she had to do the right thing, even if it would be mighty grand to just drop DT right then and there.

“Ah, settle down there, sugercube! Ya’ll be back on drah lahnd in no tahm! Yer gonna be in for a mighty fahn show when ah wrangle this expensive wreck out of the mire so we can hurry along on ah’r merry way! You interrupted one hay of ah muddin’ expedition!”

Diamond Tiara said nothing, especially as Apple Bloom stuck her tongue out at her. She was willing to put up with a coy savior if it meant hiding her embarrassment from her friends for just a little bit longer.

“Stupid… sexy… Apple Bloom!”
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“Yeah, I saw the same episode of The Office last week!”

I- I understood that reference.

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