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safe (1427268)artist:howxu (449)sunset shimmer (50581)anthro (200340)plantigrade anthro (22291)abstract background (9221)anime style (250)avatar the last airbender (395)azula (52)boots (16015)clothes (355084)cosplay (25479)costume (21626)cute (148172)ear fluff (17752)eyebrows visible through hair (430)female (758516)fiery shimmer (327)fire (8663)firebending (20)fire nation (17)floating eyebrows (17)floppy ears (41251)glare (7563)kicking (1614)looking at you (120219)martial arts (266):o (3001)open mouth (103951)patreon (10143)patreon logo (7471)shimmerbetes (3405)shoes (24016)solo (874835)the legend of korra (374)zuko (35)


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