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The late afternoon air was soft and warm as the children slowly walked towards the treehouse. The tree itself had many vibrant blossoms blooming in the autumn temperature, making the fauna all the more active.

A green pegasus colt ran up in the middle of the group, intending a flashy entrance when his brother shoved a hoof in his mouth. "Don’t waste your time, you’ll embarrass all of us, Huckle."

Huckleberry Blazer took his mouth out of his brothers hoof and pouted, his face turning a cherry red as his eyes whipped from Buckaroo (his brother) and The eldest. The two others, hybrids but clearly of different kinds, snickered. The eldest was a dragon-unicorn pony hybrid, and the younger a pony-griffin.

"Don’t be too mean to him Buck." Flyaway, the ponygriff, snickered behind a claw, cocking her head and wiggling her eyebrows at the other hybrid. The dracony, Lotus Lullaby, giggled.

" C’mon, we promised our parents we would clean up and take care of the CMC treehouse, so we should get started. " Lotus interrupted, pointing a clawed hoof above. The tree house itself wasn’t in terrible shape, but it definitely needed a new paint job and new decorations.

All four of their parents were the original Cutiemark Crusaders, at first a group of three ponies, and then five, and then quite a few many more. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were the mothers of the twins, while Flyaway was the child of Babs Seed and Gabriella (Gabby) the Griffin. Sweetie Belle had married Spike only recently, but they unpredictably had Lotus Lullaby when they were teenagers.

The group of foals looked to the tree house, suddenly reminded of its meaning and value. They locked eyes a nodded.

"Let’s do this!"


CMC Kids! I hope y’all like it.

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