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This is the forth in the kissing series, next it will probably be Dashy.
Happy valentines everypony! I know I’ll be spending it with my horses :3

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[ Pinkie ]
[ "Rarity":/1955019
[ "Fluttershy":/1955855
[ Dash ]
[ Applejack ]
safe1586242 artist:dsiak91 rarity171067 twilight sparkle283749 alicorn199520 pony856468 unicorn273792 :i1400 animated92883 bby21 blush sticker2195 blushing177797 book30775 bookshelf3161 checklist271 duo50587 female1192877 gif28287 golden oaks library4549 heart43588 holiday15679 kissing22555 lesbian90416 mare426830 perfect loop1153 pointy ponies3151 quill2517 rarilight1762 shipping184523 surprise kiss749 surprised8190 teleportation580 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116190 twilight's canterlot home178 valentine's day3079


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