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safe (1287871)artist:yakovlev-vad (321)philomena (924)princess celestia (76916)princess luna (81636)4koma (608)aaaaaaaaaa (190)alicorn (135170)bed (26912)bedroom (5413)canterlot castle (767)cheek fluff (2138)comic (79160)cracks (115)crown (8258)cute (121677)cutelestia (2238)duo (30795)explosion (1561)eyes closed (57812)female (632499)fluffy (10105)grin (24113)hoof fluff (277)hoof shoes (1394)jewelry (29530)laughing (5238)leg fluff (904)levitation (7023)looking at something (1329)looking down (4172)magic (49535)mare (270041)messy mane (4890)missing accessory (5787)neck fluff (305)phoenix (865)pillow (10954)pony (564713)prank (1053)princess luna is amused (20)regalia (8922)royal sisters (2493)s1 luna (6019)scale (162)screwdriver (232)shoulder fluff (830)sibling rivalry (65)smiling (155523)spread wings (35088)telekinesis (17032)the plot thickens (7)this will end in banishment (18)this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon (196)tower (269)troll (539)trolluna (131)wall of tags (1341)weight gain (2735)wide eyes (12489)wing fluff (786)wings (38072)


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Background Pony #4F58
Considering how much taller she is than most ponies (heck, she’s probably taller than most real-life horse breeds), it makes sense that she would weigh nearly as much as a cow, or maybe even a bit more.
However, I feel like there should be a benchmark or two between "cow" and "elephant". Maybe a rhino or something.
Background Pony #9A2C
From the thumbnail I thought Equestrias sun was imploding into a black hole or something, because Celestia had gotten to fat. But this is better.
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Comments52 comments posted