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Little Blossom Lost, Pt. 10

Return of the Cameos:

Pompadour Punk and Blueberry Blast: Strawberry-Spritz
Marigold Twinkle: Vindhov
Hyacinth: FaeDeeDraws
Dusk Horizon: Dadjoke-Ness
Nova Bright Sparkle: jake-heritagu

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safe (1425389)artist:carouselunique (235)oc (523478)oc:blueberry blast (4)oc:dusk horizon (1)oc:honeycrisp blossom (203)oc:hyacinth (9)oc:marigold twinkle (19)oc:nova star sparkle (37)oc:pompadour punk (1)comic:little blossom lost (13)series:sciset diary (202)equestria girls (159178)clothes (354562)comic (89222)female (756933)nanny (9)nannybot (3)offspring (28698)parent:big macintosh (2118)parent:chancellor neighsay (43)parent:princess cadance (1154)parents:cadmac (226)parent:twilight sparkle (6180)security (49)security robot (3)


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Half siblings aren’t "kinda siblings". :/

Yeah, I know she was most likely referring to the whole alternate universe thing, but you might want to clarify that.
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