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safe1706313 artist:klarapl160 oc684566 oc only448711 oc:amber streak19 oc:untitled work49 earth pony248719 pegasus291796 pony967463 unicorn323298 alcohol7194 background characters11 bits1095 bottle4086 bow28629 cafeteria210 canterlot5680 chair6817 coin purse11 duo focus854 duster872 eyes closed93542 female1363003 fence2867 floppy ears52314 folded wings6028 glass4673 hair bow15577 heart48379 hooves on the table177 ice cream shop31 looking at watch2 magic73268 magic glow203 male372672 mare480502 obscured cutie mark18 paper3218 parchment183 pink eyes678 quill2690 sitting63232 stallion108772 table9211 talking5675 telekinesis27728 umbrella2668 wine2572 wine glass1480 wings107373 writing1205


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