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Sci-Twi Commission drawn by Conoghi Thank you.
explicit351207 artist:conoghi88 sci-twi24341 twilight sparkle300750 human154933 equestria girls200923 equestria girls series33089 bed41026 black panties321 black underwear3805 blouse592 blowjob31921 bowtie10166 braless1020 breasts278422 clothed female nude male1851 clothes460774 feet40010 female1366084 glasses62093 glazed dick2743 hair tie807 high res29903 kneesocks1096 long socks221 looking up16543 male373833 missing shoes518 nipples167646 nudity370828 offscreen character34285 open clothes2710 open shirt1294 oral48928 panties50316 panty shot785 penis153819 ponytail17967 poofy shoulders79 prone25595 purple eyes2348 sex121440 shirt25013 skirt39855 skirt flip220 small breasts2873 socks66502 stocking feet768 straight136652 twibutt5534 underwear60944 vest3898


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Background Pony #9F07
well spent almost a day and this sexy image is still here so I passed the test :)
Background Pony #1DA5
Love that position and showing the tits and her feet in those socks, amazing job 11/10 :0