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Wonder where Pinkie learnt that one o.o
"(Nude, Lingerie, Cum, Wet, Futa Edits on Patreon )"
suggestive132891 artist:twistedscarlett601057 pinkie pie207754 rainbow dash224285 earth pony216760 pegasus258086 anthro240725 plantigrade anthro29087 armpits41855 ass up1822 balloonbutt3636 barefoot25710 belly button71354 breasts254913 busty pinkie pie10064 cleavage32304 clothes426952 dialogue61093 dock45887 face down ass up7563 feet36719 female1287948 gym745 gymnasium106 lockers1498 nail polish7183 open mouth130210 pants13010 soles3866 stretching2162 talking4927 toenail polish548 underboob3705 workout693 workout outfit643 yoga pants791


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No matter which way pinkie pie and rainbow dash stretch when those still have a show of implied camel toe showing through the pair's yoga pants.
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No, never stretch before rigorous exercise. Warm up before exercise. Stretch after.

If you stretch before you exercise you tighten your muscles up and you're likely to hurt yourself.