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Wonder where Pinkie learnt that one o.o
(Nude, Lingerie, Cum, Wet, Futa Edits on Patreon )
suggestive (114535)artist:twistedscarlett60 (894)pinkie pie (190509)rainbow dash (205473)anthro (203092)earth pony (153016)pegasus (192652)plantigrade anthro (22606)armpits (36249)ass up (1023)balloonbutt (2503)barefoot (21828)belly button (60234)breasts (207635)busty pinkie pie (8502)cleavage (27615)clothes (360750)dialogue (51291)dock (38564)face down ass up (6228)feet (29932)female (772522)gym (524)gymnasium (92)lockers (1176)nail polish (6021)open mouth (105780)pants (10032)soles (2969)stretching (1829)talking (3556)toenail polish (293)underboob (3183)workout (545)workout outfit (528)yoga pants (608)


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No, never stretch before rigorous exercise. Warm up before exercise. Stretch after.

If you stretch before you exercise you tighten your muscles up and you’re likely to hurt yourself.
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