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Knight Of Proteus's avatar
Knight Of Proteus
@Evil Emperor Proteus
I hope they are not just randomly redeemed off-screen. The Dazzlings were some of the best villains in either series, and they could have had a lot more great villainy to give. I always thought their absence was going to have something to do with them plotting their revenge or trying to repair their pendants. I almost wish the Dazzlings were the ones behind the time-loop, rather than two more celebrity OC’s.

@Evil Emperor Proteus
One thing they could do though is present them as potentially redeemed, with the main characters and the viewers uncertain if they have changed their ways or not, then have them capitalize on a grab for power in an end of credits scene. Them realizing magic is leaking from the Equestrian portal for example, and of course, learning the portal is there at all.

The Dazzlings should stay as antagonists for as long as possible.

@Evil Emperor Proteus
@Background Pony #A2D4
They don’t have to be redeemed right away though. Chrysalis was not redeemed after her first appearance. Redeeming the Dazzlings should happen towards the end of the series.

Everything you say is true my lord! In recognition of this fact I have dedicated my first and only account in your honor!

But yeah, you pretty much stated everything I think about the Dazzlings and what I’d like to see happen with them(and not happen to them). They deserve better than this.

And you deserve acclaim for your brilliant insight and audacious vision! All who oppose this manifest glory are DOOMED!
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Background Pony #12AA
So, Juniper Montage and Vilencia Vignette get to have onscreen reformations but not three of the most iconic villains of the series? What? I mean they arguably have even more reason to want to hurt Sunset Shimmer after losing the Battle of the Bands. It seems like such a letdown.

Yeah, these definitely look like the ’forgive and forget’ types.
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Background Pony #A2D4
@Background Pony #B536
Yeah, but the book puts an awful lot of focus on them for the resolution, so its kind of hard to dismiss them out of hand. Plus, keep in mind that meghan’s philosophy is almost 100% reformations, with even less likeable characters (vignette, juniper) being redeemed.
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Background Pony #B536
@Background Pony #0115
They Might not cuz how are you going to bring them back without planning to have revenge against Sunset and the other girls for what happened during Rainbow Rocks and plus they don’t have magic there’s no logic in this
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