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With much of the country still digging out of the snow. This is Patreon reward He was thinking of warmer times that will come later this year. Last month he had me do Berry Punch this time around he wanted Coloratura/Rara from the Season 5 episode Mane Attraction. Enjoy.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon

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suggestive (111342)artist:baron engel (1478)coloratura (2451)anthro (197455)ass (35276)bikini (13528)breasts (198553)clothes (349605)earth pony (142774)female (743969)grayscale (30958)looking back (40953)mare (325901)monochrome (133425)pencil drawing (6400)rara (936)rear view (7678)simple background (285710)sketch (52634)smiling (179620)solo (865320)solo female (153415)swimsuit (20603)traditional art (95146)unguligrade anthro (36696)white background (70681)


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