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safe (1360856)artist:alcor (634)oc (494328)oc:littlepip (3312)oc only (349689)fallout equestria (12844)city (2910)clothes (333585)cutie mark (32329)dead tree (232)dock (35225)ear fluff (15986)fanfic (8907)fanfic art (10258)female (697350)glowing horn (12207)gun (11623)handgun (1751)hoofprints (137)hooves (13399)horn (19274)levitation (7927)little macintosh (439)magic (53783)mare (304257)pipbuck (2707)pony (637444)raised hoof (29535)revolver (1224)rock (3174)saddle bag (3725)solo (837515)telekinesis (19008)tree (20668)unicorn (179200)vault suit (2671)wasteland (971)weapon (21253)


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You should draw more Fallout Equestria related stuff, let it be lewd or normal. I would love to see it either way in your awesome art style, it would look really magnificent
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Wallet After Summer Sale

First off I’m not trying to whine or anything – I really, really love this.

I’m just curious why you would put the apples on the gun like it’s supposed to be lil’ macintosh, then make then gun so completely different from the way it’s described in the book?

I can understand removing the scope cause scoped handguns are kinda dumb anyways, but it doesn’t even look like a magnum and it needs the ivory grip.
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Background Pony #935F
Тяжело словами твой стиль описать, он одновременно и милый, напоминающий о первых сезонах пони, и сексуальный, когда кажется что отдал бы всё, что имеешь за то, чтобы взглянуть поближе на круп этой поняши.
К сеттингу FoE это особенно подходит.
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