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safe (1446658)artist:fishimira (307)rarity (159451)human (132352)pony (714394)unicorn (210920)3d (52495)animated (85686)armor (19114)awww (81)bed (31726)behaving like a cat (1620)behaving like a dog (1111)blurred background (377)chin scratch (78)cute (151820)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2639)doom (299)doom 2016 (22)doomguy (92)doom slayer (21)ear flick (45)eyelashes (3109)eyes closed (69211)eyeshadow (10748)female (776162)floppy ears (41900)gif (24327)hand (6916)hand on chin (48)hand on face (57)hand on head (1299)happy (24354)hnnng (2073)horn (27729)human on pony petting (71)indoors (1516)lidded eyes (19494)makeup (14457)male (263402)mare (345331)offscreen character (24801)petting (1507)pillow (13018)pov (13307)praetor suit (14)prone (20734)raribetes (3891)smiling (186539)solo focus (12714)source filmmaker (31382)squishy cheeks (1814)underhoof (41818)

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Doomguy really loves petting ponies.
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