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Be strong, Sandbar. Strong as yak!
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Background Pony #FB62
Spoiler: Sandbar is actually acting in order to have his friends here later. No other choices for this situation.
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@Prometheus labs CEO
It's become a favorite running gag with me to mix anthros with ponies when switching between 'scenarios'. Quadruped Rainbow Dash telling her story about anthro Zecora's impromptu party. Quadruped Button Mash installing the skimpy armor mod on anthro Sombra's videogame. Anthro Zecora's potion cart showing a quadruped version of herself in the logo. Anthro threesome with Shining Armor, Cadence and Twilight where they're fantasizing about quadruped versions of each other…

Huh. I thought there'd be more examples.
Adan Druego

[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001

Actually, I think is more like.

Ocellus: Ah come on guys. What's going on? I can't see anything from back here. Why am I always assigned the farthest seat back!

Gallus: UGH! Dude, we all think it, BUT we NEVER say anything about it!

Silverstream: COO!

Offensive. Please ban.
Don't worry, Sandbar. Yona will forgive you. Yaks best at being friends.

Also, the fact that Silverstream is looking sidelong just makes her look that much more like a bird.
SMOLDER: How dare you?
GALLUS: I can't believe this!
OCELLUS: How could you do this, Sandbar?
SILVERSTREAM: coos like pigeon