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I thought Gabby and Autumn Blaze were a lot of fun. I wonder if we’ll ever see them in another episode.
Edit: I’ve been told this is blurry for some people, so I uploaded a version with the source resolution here: link

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safe1681415 artist:dstears636 autumn blaze3759 gabby2367 griffon26532 kirin8331 sounds of silence3325 awwtumn blaze729 cloven hooves9877 cute196083 duo58888 duo female10044 excited2941 eye contact6425 female1340617 gabbybetes412 happy30525 it begins256 jumping3290 kirinbetes233 leaping275 leg fluff2954 looking at each other19517 looking back55758 monochrome148091 open mouth140894 puddle931 raised hoof44471 raised leg7543 running5858 simple background385151 smiling241495 splashing284 spread wings53314 unshorn fetlocks24678 white background95495 wings102176


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Sunset is Best Girl
It’s characters like this that make me think about how unnecessary it was to give Starlight everything that the writers did over the past 3 seasons.

Now that MLP is almost over the biggest criticism against it is that the show runners, as it continued to changed hands, resorted to continually changing the status quo rather than operating off of the vast library of creativity developed in the first 4 seasons.

This doesn’t come from a place of hatred towards Starlight it comes from a place of reflection on the show in it’s entirety. Starlight could’ve still been a character that had focus put on her but looking back the amount of focus she was given could have easily been repurposed into using other characters from past seasons.