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safe2188616 artist:tcn1205442 sci-twi31536 sunset shimmer79627 twilight sparkle359844 human248515 equestria girls257610 g42044676 clothes640835 duo174696 female1818578 glasses89738 holding hands3959 humanized120487 lesbian118468 pony coloring3260 ship:sci-twishimmer2870 ship:sunsetsparkle5213 shipping256174 smiling402455


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Background Pony #9DDB
In any other franchise, sure. But MLP doesn’t even care enough to observe their own canon consistently, much less care about whether we observe it.

@Background Pony #0D1F  
definitely a poor decision to push their attraction while she was so confused. It didn’t help that, since he had a power position at the camp, it seems like he was used to hit on girls there…
Still that’s what they went for, so… canon is canon, even if they’re apparently dating like a pair of middle schoolers would.
Background Pony #A50F
I do not have anything against sci twi having a boyfriend man but they really had to give someone who was not a petulant like timber who knew how to take advantage of the moment when twilihgt was also confused by dhx for forcing the relationship in a single movie
Background Pony #9DDB
Canon schmanon. Sunny and Sci have better natural chemistry. You can’t blame Scitwi for not understanding her attraction to Sunset, she’s kinda sheltered. Might take her a while. In the meantime, Timber is that safe boyfriend far away that she only talks to by text and occasionally call.