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Maybe she's friendly :D
safe (1488805) artist:badumsquish (1772) derpibooru exclusive (21903) fleetfoot (1807) displacer beast (4) monster pony (2335) original species (19876) dreamworks face (712) dungeons and dragons (1108) fangs (19119) female (813252) forest (8066) i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going (281) imminent pounce (36) looking at you (129228) monster (1902) monster mare (670) multiple arms (191) multiple limbs (142) open mouth (110951) paws (3777) pen and paper rpg (494) raised hoof (34468) rpg (901) smiling (194411) solo (916017) species swap (16733) tentacles (9974)


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Doot Doot
That face is totally not suggesting that she is gonna nibble on you while you cuddle up with her. This is totally safe….
Background Pony #F68D
Maybe she’s friendly :D
with tentacles (or tentacle-like appendages) like those, I don't want to know what she can do to someone if she was unfriendly towards them.