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Happy New Year! (3/2)

Colored variant of Hat version >>1923546 . (Pants version on twitter)


Also, a sneak peak of an AU that was previously depicted before, that will be explored a bit more in future.

Alternate versions: >>1923566 & >>1923545
suggestive (105747)artist:ninjaham (548)applejack (139470)fluttershy (174115)pinkie pie (179343)rainbow dash (193740)rarity (148496)shining armor (19080)series:my little shining (13)2019 (251)abs (6930)alternate universe (5397)armpits (32261)breasts (184048)cleavage (25236)clothed female nude male (787)female (682851)flutterarmor (21)happy new year (837)happy new year 2019 (92)harem (627)holiday (10198)human (122608)humanized (85736)infidelity (3889)male (231161)rariarmor (40)shining armor gets all the mares (235)shiningdash (58)shiningjack (50)shiningpie (32)shipping (151438)straight (102299)strategically covered (2118)

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