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safe1676588 screencap218352 doodle bug80 gallop j. fry247 garden grove170 guy grove59 lily longsocks391 little red163 orange sunrise87 sandalwood1075 sci-twi23718 super funk208 twilight sparkle296704 hedgehog473 equestria girls196220 equestria girls series32133 street magic with trixie238 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13729 background human6263 beanie3552 burger1807 cellphone3332 cheering785 clothes448930 eyes closed90094 female1336631 food68262 glasses60219 hand on hip5848 hat84414 jeans3976 juice1283 juice box924 legs8017 lidded eyes29842 looking at you163189 magic71769 male362803 open mouth140160 pants14050 phone5920 ponytail17332 pose5713 shirt24091 skirt38836 smartphone1846 smiling240441 smirk12155 smug5814 smuglight sparkle280 street733 t-shirt4271 telekinesis27063 vest3804


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Background Pony #C3B8
During sex she can get some water in the kitchen and still continue to do with it using magic, you know doing that to a guy thing.
Background Pony #5621
@Nephilim Rider
that attitude and style that she is acting. That's what a woman does. That's why they look like this and can believe it or not, they're compared to their ponies.
Background Pony #8B15
Now I just imagine Twilight moving her finger telling us to come over, would be a nice edit gif
Background Pony #92EB
She do all that by just using one finger spining around.
What else you do with your finger Twilight?