Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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safe (1428377)artist:fishimira (306)applejack (147721)pinkie pie (188953)pony (697406)3d (51341)animated (84696)blinking (2830)box (3600)cardboard box (585)clone (1500)cross-eyed (618)crossover (52977)cute (148354)cuteamena (684)derp (5942)diapinkes (6980)doomguy (92)doom slayer (21)floppy ears (41284)frown (19585)gif (23945)headbob (368)hoof massage (34)korean (1404)lidded eyes (18653)looking down (5371)multeity (1633)pinkamena diane pie (17220)pinkie being pinkie (828)sad (20584)sadorable (412)smiling (183026)source filmmaker (30611)squeezing (343)too much pink energy is dangerous (198)wat (17569)

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Light Blade
I 💜 Twilie
Looks like Pinka is aware who Doom Slayer is and that is why she is scared. But DS just wants to have some 100% innocent fun with Piiinka. He would never harm a pony because he likes them so muuuch.
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Background Pony #0A77
Doomguy found some magical horses that will give him a significant advantage in stopping the demons once and for all. Unfortunately, their powers don’t activate until they reach adulthood, so he has to raise them and keep them happy until then.
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Your animations always are pretty dang good, but they always feel off, like they’re on fast forward or something. I think it’s because you put too little easing into movements and it makes it feel robotic a lot of the time.
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Comments27 comments posted