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This is from an mlp vore art jam with the theme "Boss Battles" I did with Teabucket a few months back. Just getting around to coloring it, so I’ll be uploading them as we go.

Here we see our adventurers facing off against a dastardly Ursa! Find out what happens next time on Ogres and Oubliettes.

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safe (1459248)artist:teabucket (288)artist:variant (286)applejack (150506)fluttershy (187341)rainbow dash (207154)twilight sparkle (265543)ursa major (165)comic:need heals (10)barbarian (149)breaking the fourth wall (697)cleric (87)comic (92269)dungeons and dragons (1078)fantasy class (1261)ogres and oubliettes (250)race swap (11303)rogue (163)unicorn fluttershy (124)wizard (571)


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