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who is she? (3)
safe1675725 artist:jeglegator132 desert sage145 equestria girls196082 equestria girls series32085 spring breakdown2595 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13688 adorasexy9455 armpits42560 background human6263 bare shoulders2245 boob swing8 breasts269571 bustier73 busty desert sage35 clothes448614 cute195240 eyeshadow15042 female1335801 jewelry60646 necklace17901 open mouth140032 pants14022 pearl necklace1183 purple background2900 sageabetes8 sandals4160 sexy28432 signature23271 simple background383434 solo1043409 strapless1416 sweat25528


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Background Pony #C920
I like the footwear she has on. I'd like to see more images like this
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