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I like the comment from someone "don't force your creativity."

I was born in pain, always drew in pain, waiting for my last day with a smile.
Yeah, what big words .. well, I practically fight with myself every time I draw so as not to hit something or not to lie down on the floor in silence and look at the ceiling for a while. However, I never broke the environment, you can guess where all my hits are usually going ..

I do not care what I do. Everything ceased to be interesting a long time ago.
safe1584912 artist:icychamber198 rarity170930 sweetie belle46611 pony855234 robot7035 robot pony3141 unicorn273242 comic:sweetiebot ho ho ho7 beard3212 christmas11862 clothes414071 comic101291 costume24790 couch7210 duo50478 fake beard281 female1184740 fireplace2375 hat77112 holiday15670 horn47371 indoors1995 mare426266 plot71414 rear view10332 santa claus381 santa costume1352 santa hat5362 speech bubble20512 sweetie bot1277 worm's eye view280


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