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I have a continuation to the script for at least 4 more pages, but I’m not paid. I’m going to bed now, and in the morning I probably won’t want to do any further anymore forever. So, if you are reading this and have not seen a next page in that gallery so noone donat / pay me, so you can do that if you want something from me, duh, I don’t care. Write me a private message.
safe (1430169)artist:icychamber (156)rarity (157753)sweetie belle (43832)pony (698858)robot (6054)robot pony (2620)unicorn (203664)comic:sweetiebot ho ho ho (7)christmas (9261)clothes (355991)comic (89643)costume (21707)duo (39181)female (760842)hat (64823)holiday (10947)indoors (1484)milk (2917)plushie (19732)santa costume (1112)santa hat (4501)sitting (46140)speech bubble (16694)sweetie bot (1220)


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