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Welp here's the finished version!

Hope ya like it!
safe1613491 artist:lamentedmusings53 earth pony215251 pony881160 :i1466 bipedal31629 blue eyes4331 blue skirt5 blushing182120 book31472 bow25746 brown hair284 clothes424963 colored pupils8893 cute185884 deviantart922 doki doki literature club201 female1283999 game3370 green eyes3723 hair bow14124 hair up57 hairclip983 long hair3728 loose hair1736 mare438645 mary janes1092 miniskirt4830 moe1325 monika74 natsuki38 open mouth129520 pink hair960 pleated skirt3992 ponified38939 purple eyes1930 purple hair606 red bow11 sayori53 school uniform6850 shoes32142 short hair1772 skirt36927 socks59463 thigh highs30367 tsundere2702 visual novel170 white ribbon1 white socks143 yandere786 yuri (ddlc)54


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