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It was a long day for Princess Celestia. After several diplomatic meetings and day court, she was ready to finally just drop into her bed and fall asleep for a week straight. Luna suggested that she let her run the kingdom for a while and take a vacation, but there just isn’t time for that. When she was finally back at her room, her first thought was bed and nothing else, to try and sleep like a foal through the night. As she thought of that, a brief smile came to her lip. There was one way for her to truly sleep like a foal, and with a day like she had? She definitely could any means of relaxing.

A quick shifting of her bed, a shifting of a loose floor tile with magic, and there they were, her pack of diapers. It took some tricky work to get some in her size while keeping it secret, but a simple enlargement charm at least let her experience padding again, even with an awkward fit. Her magic made short work of putting the diaper, as she sighed while her shoulders finally let loose. She laid down on her bed, wiggling her legs and enjoying the crinkle symphony at the same time. Now it was finally time to sleep…


Celestia immediately sat up, looking in shock as she saw Luna there.

_"I was going to ask you if you forgot about our planned dinner tonight, but it seems that it might past my ’little’ sister’s betime afterall." Luna said while trying to cover up a mischievous smile on her face. _

"L-Luna! I-I swear this isn’t what it looks like!" Celestia stammered, her face starting to turn a brilliant shade of red.

"Oh, don’t worry Celly. Your secret is safe with me. But I think a certain filly may have spent too much time pretending to be a princess. I think it’s my responsibliity as the bigger sister to make sure that she takes a break."

All Celestia could think about at this point was that she was probably not going to run Equestria for a while.

Here’s hopefully the start of a drawing streak. I got a brain worm thanks to a friend about Celestia being the little sister and I needed to draw it out. I’m thinking of making this a series, where it’ll end is anyone’s guess at this point. Please let me know what you think!
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