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safe (1429179)artist:khel-thuzad (2)artist:misterdavey (213)fluttershy (184154)pony (697934)smile hd (351)absurd resolution (61335)angry (20007)>:c (135)deviantart (813)frown (19593)green eyes (2705)gritted teeth (9137)imminent pain (86)long mane (2482)long tail (1643)looking at camera (111)pink mane (551)pink tail (140)render (320)simple background (290766)solo (875932)transparent background (151844)wide eyes (14292)wings (52970)yellow skin (17)

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Background Pony #C81E
Nostalgia Fluttershy: (smacking the camera) It’s not funny, it’s not funny, it’s not funny, It’s not funny, not funny, NOT FUNNY!!! (one more smack) NOT FUNNY!!!
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