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Artist’s comment:
Pencils, inks and colors by me!
Uploader’s comment:  
>>1937959 without the cover dress
safe1970873 artist:tonyfleecs1614 applejack187746 fluttershy238095 pinkie pie238532 princess celestia105059 princess luna109229 rainbow dash259248 rarity203097 twilight sparkle332822 alicorn274268 butterfly8435 dragon72145 pegasus406299 pony1322539 unicorn446041 idw18396 spoiler:comic12412 spoiler:comicidw202061 blocks312 cover3216 cute236077 dashabetes10956 diapinkes11550 egg4829 ethereal mane10823 eyes closed120619 female1602493 filly84695 filly applejack702 filly fluttershy839 filly pinkie pie480 filly rainbow dash1418 filly rarity506 filly twilight sparkle3097 foal29494 freckles36471 hat108877 jackabetes7187 magic86436 mane six35338 mare617912 maternaluna127 momlestia1080 nursery173 open mouth197606 rainbow trail864 raribetes6381 royal sisters5609 shyabetes16965 smiling330979 speed trail174 spike's egg106 starry mane5921 sweet dreams fuel1885 telekinesis34211 tony fleecs is trying to murder us1 twiabetes13846 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138523 weapons-grade cute4295 wrong eye color1201 younger20240


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No, this is a cover for that story. The specific scenario depicted in this image does not occur in the actual comic.
What I want is a full-blown story about Celestia and/or Luna dealing with the shenanigans of a young and/or age-regressed Mane 6 while simultaneously trying to run a country.