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I wasn’t sure if I should upload this at all but I didn’t really want it to go to waste. I’m not really an artist so for now this is basically my only MLP related work. I could’ve made the image bigger but I wanted to keep the file size to a minimum.
safe1945465 derpibooru exclusive33773 edit154406 edited screencap78606 editor:tape quintus6 screencap257218 applejack186325 autumn blaze4800 cinder glow1036 fluttershy235748 pumpkin smoke199 sparkling brook181 summer flare1036 earth pony350432 kirin12130 pegasus394807 pony1295232 sounds of silence3433 animated111618 background kirin443 bamboo184 everyday i'm shufflin'31 eye contact7274 female1578827 flailing500 flapping861 flying46477 frown28006 gif39190 i can't believe it's not superedit83 i must go73 leg fluff3805 lidded eyes38087 looking at each other26897 looking down11595 looking up20233 mare603704 sad28136 wat20683 wide eyes18663


not provided yet


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Background Pony #DEF5
I didn’t come here looking for this gif, not did I expect to find it, but I’m glad I did.