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These are Pinkie Pie and Wander’s kids.
Not Cheese’s.
safe (1431445)artist:ponylovegirl16 (33)oc (526340)oc:blueberry pie (19)oc:cherry pie (86)oc:raspberry pie (15)pony (700037)fanfic:daughter of discord (39)children (70)crossover (53045)crossover ship offspring (3)cute (149067)female (762050)half-siblings (528)it came from deviantart (35)kids (54)male (258683)microsoft word (4)offspring (28819)parent:pinkie pie (3109)parents:pinker (1)parent:wander (2)photo of computer screen (20)siblings (3786)tri pie triplets (4)wander over yonder (242)


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Okay, I forgot about tablets an phablets. Still won’t change anything. =P
However, I can’t and won’t stop you from taking photos of your screen, with your iPad mini, instead of just doing a screenshot of your screen, girl. The youtube link was just a suggestion. Well, it’s not much of a drama, so I’ll send you a llama (DA).
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