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@Background Pony #5236


@Background Pony #F208

Maybe we should talk about the sense and purpose of a spin-off. These are based and coexist at the same time as the original, but tell a different story and do not necessarily refer to the original.

Making Sunset appear in MLP would undermine some of its core attributes. She resembles very much to the character of Starlight Glimmer, therefore it is not necessary at all that Sunset appears in MLP. It would undermine the whole purpose of a spin-off. Especially because these are usually produced without using resources from the source. Or at least quite a few.

Making Sunset appear in MLP may make the hearts of many fanboys beat faster, but for purely economic reasons this is counterproductive. And if there’s something Hasbro cares about, then please let’s have some sales figures. And in these Sunset Shimmer does exist. Otherwise Hasbro would have spent a lot of money on nothing.

All I can do is shake my head at this kind of quibbling. It should be obvious to every viewer that Sunset exists but belongs to a different universe. Much like She-Ra. With the sirens these universes were connected, so it belongs to the canon, end, over & out. Other words about it are downright ridiculous. At least, in my opinion.
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Background Pony #F5C0
That all happened in EqG. But even in that special she went to visit Twilight out of necessity, not because she wanted to or she was invited.

My point here is that the show ignores her existence and if she’s canon than it shows Twilight doesn’t care much about her.
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Background Pony #F5C0
Yes but that’s never implied in the show. In the show Twilight has no pictures of her, we never see the journal and she’s never invited to any events. It heavily implies Twilight doesn’t care much about her.
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