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safe1973284 artist:dusthiel884 autumn blaze4863 kirin12547 sounds of silence3441 :35846 awwtumn blaze872 bathing1102 behaving like a cat2645 blue background7736 cheek fluff7872 chest fluff53434 cute236622 daaaaaaaaaaaw5798 ear fluff41744 eyes closed120929 female1605078 floppy ears64604 fluffy16935 happy38416 hnnng2632 leg fluff3935 leonine tail11322 levitation14288 magic86580 ponyloaf638 prone30865 quadrupedal2086 raised tail21288 shampoo364 simple background502560 smiling331765 soap823 solo1269656 steel wool2 tail66594 telekinesis34291 washing345 weapons-grade cute4301 wet9966 wet mane5899


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I miss the show so much
(Didn’t notice the steel wool tag at first. Funny little detail.)