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safe (1377152)artist:dusthiel (490)autumn blaze (2129)sounds of silence (3013):3 (3379)awwtumn blaze (408)bathing (721)behaving like a cat (1493)blue background (2795)cheek fluff (2892)chest fluff (24008)cute (139408)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2417)ear fluff (16465)eyes closed (64194)female (710073)floppy ears (39532)fluffy (11082)happy (22413)hnnng (1978)kirin (4230)leg fluff (1589)leonine tail (5514)levitation (8081)magic (54662)ponyloaf (191)prone (19748)quadrupedal (506)raised tail (11086)shampoo (229)simple background (277395)smiling (173362)soap (516)solo (846951)steel wool (1)tail (13487)telekinesis (19361)washing (214)weapons-grade cute (2577)wet (5925)wet mane (4386)


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