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Equestria at War

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excitement intensifies
safe (1375351)artist:pencils (933)edit (91147)idw (12335)princess celestia (81125)twilight sparkle (250546)spoiler:comic (8543)spoiler:comicidw2020 (47)alicorn (152688)animated (81838)behaving like a dog (1053)cute (139040)extreme speed animation (637)female (708649)filly (45865)filly twilight sparkle (2106)gif (22286)hoof shoes (2308)looking up (10901)open mouth (98721)plot (62264)pony (648655)raised hoof (30015)seizure warning (2814)self ponidox (5916)tail wag (693)time paradox (271)twiabetes (7512)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96734)unicorn (184090)unicorn twilight (6014)younger (13336)


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