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"Yaks have more than enough bulk to keep them warm, so they dress pretty lightly despite living in a cold environment." ~ SlimDym

Sounds pretty sexy if you ask me.
suggestive136922 artist:slimdym7 yona4913 yak4409 anthro249569 bbw4187 belly27097 belly button74017 big belly10350 boob window1180 breasts265050 cellulite120 cleavage33273 fat21312 fat yona25 female1319555 midriff18867 morbidly obese7510 obese11088 oblivious439 solo1031742 solo female175433 ssbbw1638 thunder thighs7783 underboob3785


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It's not so much the outfit that breaks the code as it is her that breaks the outfit.

Ah well, it still looks cute on her. Fails to hug her curves in all the right places.