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safe1879311 artist:whitediamonds482 applejack182193 rarity196280 pony1225212 make new friends but keep discord2125 applejack is not amused872 assisted exposure1914 bipedal41194 blushing224239 clothes525480 clothing theft355 covering4361 cute222861 dress50615 ears back1606 embarrassed12769 female1517040 frown26458 jackabetes6793 lesbian104463 messy mane8612 naked rarity226 open mouth179123 raribetes6081 rarijack7525 rarijack daily237 shipping220091 unamused18827 we don't normally wear clothes971 wide eyes18210


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This has been argued on RD pics so often it’s ridiculous. These two characters are established to be in a relationship, or are at least attracted to each other on this blog. The shipping tag here on Derpi defines shipping as “Images with implication that a character is in love with another, between any gender, age or race, or even two of the same character. Usually accompanied by lovey-dovey things such as kissing, blushing, hugging, snuggling, nuzzling or sexual acts, though both characters don’t have to be present in the image”, so besides the name of the tumblr this qualifies as shipping by the definition of the tag (characters in relationship). Adding the rarijack tag automatically adds the lesbian tag, because it’s a female/female relationship.
There you go.
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With that logic, it’s be like, because of a blog called “Pony Rape Daily”, lets tag all art from that blog as rape, even if it’s just two ponies sitting next to eachother (like here)
Hell, it’s not even a big deal, as I’m not contesting that it should be removed  
Just, I dunno. This isn’t an explicitly lesbian pic. AJ isn’t even blushing.  
It’s more of a disappointing “tired of your sh*t” look than “R-Rarity-kun…I…”