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On this day, Trixie learned that some things run deeper than better friendship
safe (1376214)artist:k-nattoh (286)starlight glimmer (35770)trixie (53889)4koma (621)blushing (147145)caught (2532)clothes (338284)comic (84811)eyes closed (64156)eyes on the prize (4084)female (709301)grayscale (30392)hat (60118)heart (36326)horrified (351)implied lesbian (2361)implied shipping (3282)implied startrix (96)lesbian (77336)looking at something (1701)mare (310580)mirror (3852)monochrome (131457)open mouth (98820)pony (649179)shipping (156400)smiling (173179)sniffing (564)stalker (254)stalking (91)startrix (2039)sweat (18950)sweatdrop (1824)sweatdrops (203)translation (2251)trixie's hat (3278)unicorn (184386)wide eyes (13760)


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