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safe1728072 screencap224474 starlight glimmer49234 equestria girls203298 mirror magic2528 spoiler:eqg specials5338 bag4849 beanie3731 clothes467583 cute203020 eyeshadow16105 female1382314 glimmerbetes3872 hat88418 lidded eyes31262 looking at you172277 looking up16841 looking up at you203 makeup22152 redemption114 smiling254528 solo1078714


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Background Pony #2167
You know, I can't quite place it, but her eyes look different from the other girls.
Background Pony #CDD3
So why exactly do we have spoiler tags on episodes that came out weeks ago in case someone that hasn't seen it but the eqg specials get no spoilers tags even after like 1 day?