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Champions of Equestria

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I was watching clips from the MLP movie again and noticed this. The balloons Tempest is watching float away represent each of the Mane Six. This has probably been pointed out before, but I haven’t seen it.
safe (1324682)screencap (148051)tempest shadow (7151)my little pony: the movie (14752)armor (16505)balcony (1046)balloon (8306)broken horn (5476)canterlot castle (941)cloud (26488)cloudy (5657)conquest (15)dissatisfied (17)faceless female (561)female (665578)horn (16469)looking up (10208)mare (288150)mohawk (500)offscreen character (20092)pony (595221)rear view (6847)solo (816395)unicorn (168473)


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