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safe (1501025) artist:bordogushter (11) principal abacus cinch (856) sci-twi (20281) twilight sparkle (272011) equestria girls (169831) friendship games (11682) clothes (381563) female (825112) glasses (50569) hair bun (2487) high heels (8619) magic capture device (325) missing accessory (7075) no glasses (81) pantyhose (3077) shoes (26594) simple background (315883) skirt (33530) socks (52908) suit (4726) white background (78998)


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2 comments posted

What if this Twilight actually admired Cinch since childhood until the Friendship Games?

This could be a new ship with the proper fan (arts/fictions), and the Student x Teacher/Principal is a hot theme
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