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Original artwork by tjpones:  

Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples  
19 lights used in this scene
Programs used:  
safe1863936 artist:imafutureguitarhero367 artist:tjpones3468 sunset shimmer68977 unicorn394994 anthro292800 equestria girls222626 2d to 3d40 3d91518 :i1719 absurd resolution69281 adaptation66 adidas192 black background6643 book36940 chair7731 chromatic aberration1688 clothes519634 colored eyebrows313 colored eyelashes573 cup7121 cute220679 dress50083 droste effect222 female1503303 film grain281 floppy ears59352 food80049 freckles33283 handwriting43 horn98735 leaning back in chair10 leaning on table55 long hair4994 long mane3918 mare558415 mug4988 multicolored hair7469 multicolored mane2564 nail polish9034 pants17102 peppered bacon244 raised eyebrow7245 reading6855 recursion410 recursive fanart36 shimmerbetes4693 signature31164 simple background456700 sitting72058 solo1184673 source filmmaker53995 table10326 teacup3220 wallpaper19484


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