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Official art for Buck: Legacy card game, with guest illustrator Ralek (Aka DIleakstudios), depicting a Gryphon arm/hoove wrestling with a Pirate class Adventurer. The card is called 'One Night in Tortuga' and is a quest reward for 'Rum Running' which appears in the Buck: Legacy expansion pack 'Loose Cannon'.

Part 1: Rum Running
Part 2: One Night in Tortuga

Fun fact! Tortuga exists and it's just as crazy as folklore makes it out to be as a haven of Caribbean piracy in the 1600s as a meeting point for pirates, buccaneers and also a place to store their booty.

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safe1615694 artist:ralek1253 oc627097 oc only418317 griffon25112 pony883475 buck legacy132 alcohol6358 arm wrestling166 bandage5272 beer1541 card art77 clothes425994 coin647 ear piercing23152 earring18951 eye scar4613 eyepatch2810 gritted teeth10854 jewelry55280 piercing36968 pirate2331 scar10859 wings87729


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