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Original picture by shoxxe (Rarity and Fluttershy only featured)
>>1927868 >>1927867

Colors by me.

Two girls at once ! Rarity is not really confident while Fluttershy stays nearby.

The entire picture will be colored once all girls are completed. So stay Tuned.
safe1617342 artist:shoxxe21 artist:zefrenchm50 fluttershy203184 rarity173915 equestria girls187856 equestria girls series30304 bikini16782 bikini babe677 clothes426732 colored18303 diving goggles122 duo52950 female1287484 flippers178 geode of shielding1893 goggles13377 magical geodes7798 simple background361920 snorkel433 swimsuit26254 transparent background187512 vector72853 wetsuit702


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