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“I take it, that the cake is to your liking your highness?” The owner of the cafe asked. With an embarassed chuckle, Celestia forked a piece into her mouth and nodded her head in appreciation.
“Would you care for more?”
“You know me too well.” Celestia said, letting the worries and stress of her day fall off of her, washed away by a tide of delicious sugary treats.  

Original: >>1062899  
Flat Colored by me.
safe1788512 artist:longinius851 artist:star-killer894 edit139566 princess celestia97934 alicorn239559 earth pony281935 pony1104944 bedroom eyes63223 belly30511 cake10295 cakelestia1110 cute210460 cutelestia3721 duo67996 female1436583 flat colors2406 food75313 fork940 glasses66978 magic77389 mare520224 pillow19284 prone27078 raised hoof50396 smiling273649 telekinesis29630


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The fact that the image is 205kb yet 1280x1380 should clue you in as to why it is blurry.