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Dust dabbles in energy weapons for once!

Because I’m still so fond of New Vegas’s Laser Rifle, fully upgraded.

Commission done by Frist, thanks!
safe (1355871)artist:frist44 (1099)oc (492073)oc:dust runner (29)oc only (348710)fallout equestria (12796)clothes (332093)cowboy hat (9348)cutie mark (31556)energy weapon (129)fallout (2568)fallout: new vegas (354)female (693621)glowing horn (12126)grin (25955)gun (11573)hat (58838)hooves (13324)horn (18908)laser rifle (78)levitation (7882)magic (53509)magical energy weapon (96)male (234608)mare (302369)pony (633025)rifle (2769)simple background (272113)smiling (169884)solo (834770)stallion (64997)telekinesis (18889)unicorn (177908)weapon (20886)


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