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Started out drawing Scootaloo in a Totoro onesie. Then decided to add Sweetie Belle. Then thought, 'Why not all 3'.

Probably laughing because the costumes would fit each other's characters better.
safe1687836 artist:40kponyguy761 derpibooru exclusive27946 apple bloom48959 scootaloo50939 sweetie belle48639 earth pony241766 pegasus284666 pony949578 unicorn315379 broom1694 clothes452692 cosplay27514 costume27099 crossover61528 cute197085 cutie mark crusaders18879 ear fluff28668 female1345921 filly65372 floppy ears51329 kiki's delivery service47 laughing7872 my neighbor totoro86 nausicaa of the valley of the wind41 one eye closed29915 onesie674 raised hoof44757 studio ghibli164 totoro68 traditional art116644


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