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Behind the scene
safe1707580 artist:tcn1205429 applejack170015 opalescence2088 rarity181961 cat6296 diy with applejack144 equestria girls200631 equestria girls series33037 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14210 applejack's hat7360 barrette392 belt5521 blurry background790 bridal carry387 camera3987 carrying2222 clothes460061 cowboy hat15898 cute199982 cutie mark on clothes2456 daaaaaaaaaaaw3898 denim275 denim skirt1493 eyes closed93666 eyeshadow15643 female1364199 flower25669 freckles28910 geode of shielding2209 geode of super strength2166 hair tie806 hairclip1101 hairpin1743 hat86942 indoors3142 jackabetes5980 lesbian97067 magical geodes8862 makeup21509 open mouth146082 pony coloring2722 ponytail17917 raribetes5404 rarijack7050 rarity peplum dress938 rarity's bedroom247 shipping200389 shipping fuel1554 shirt24949 shoes36776 skirt39804 sleeping23470 smiling248812 stetson5003 vase557


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With the few wonder if there was a scene of applejack putting the camera somewhere to record her putting rarity to bed when even Opal wonders if she was tolikely witness applejack doing rarity after she was put to bed.
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I wish they had included a scene where AJ props the camera somewhere and it shows her putting Rare in her bed. I think I honestly woulda died if they did.