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"Someone commented on the Lyra with no bones and said that now she can drink all the bone hurting juice she wants
that would be the exact reason Lyra would get all her bones removed"

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@Background Pony #F40F
Unless the tank was being shaken really hard regularly, floating unsecured in a tank wouldn’t concuss or damage a brain at all. Even in normal use, they have to survive us walking around and being jostled (often significantly), which pushes it up against the inside of our skulls.
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Background Pony #F40F
Has anyone read How to Succeed In Evil v1? Because there’s a villain who’s a brain in a jar and his description’s hilarious. He’s not in the story long but it’s great. He’s got no skull, and his brain just floats in a tank unsecured- there’s nothing- no skull- to stop his brain from being repeatedly concussed multiple times an hour.
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