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suggestive151421 artist:shinodage1115 cloudy quartz1447 cookie crumbles1101 cup cake4308 mayor mare3382 ms. harshwhinny2427 pear butter3009 posey shy1378 spoiled rich1206 stellar flare1291 twilight velvet4541 windy whistles2231 oc730791 oc:beauty mark91 oc:cream heart2457 oc:delta vee598 oc:golden brooch612 earth pony280128 pegasus322312 pony1083498 unicorn356315 ahegao26313 aside glance492 bedroom eyes62933 blushing209627 cougar714 drool26284 ear piercing29113 eyelashes14310 eyes closed101334 female1432221 females only13491 floppy ears56363 flower27422 flower in hair8332 gilf577 glasses66662 grin42805 gritted teeth13770 hair bun3607 hair over one eye9599 head1755 lidded eyes32749 lip bite12312 lipstick12004 looking back62107 looking down9656 looking up17611 makeup23954 mare518006 milf10193 one eye closed33741 open mouth161130 piercing44672 red lipstick238 simple background421679 smiling271827 spread wings59191 sticker set126 tongue out111338 white background106092 wing fluff1747 wingboner8460 wings130468 wink26304


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Kagura Kuroko

12 of the 15 clearly have a ‘feeling it go in’ face going on. The rest of them…Harshwhinny, Golden Brooch and Beauty Mark, have that look of “I just saw your penis, and I like what I see!” :p
Kagura Kuroko

I’m choosing three of them for Marry, F**k, Kill. And they are:
Marry - Twilight Velvet (she is married to Night Light but it’s just for fun 😁)
F**k - Delta Vee 🤗
Kill - Cream Heart (always hated her from the start 😠)
Ah well, all the more Cream for me. :p
Sky Blazer

I’m choosing three of them for Marry, Fk, Kill. And they are:
Marry - Twilight Velvet (she is married to Night Light but it’s just for fun 😁)
k - Delta Vee 🤗
Kill - Cream Heart (always hated her from the start 😠)
Background Pony #F70B
@Background Pony #23CC
Lol at both your puns, the first one almost slipped by radar.
I should counter by saying my Windy can really use her dash to get down and dirty in a tough match.
Also, inb4 someone talks about Stellar Flare’s OP ‘burst damage’. :)
Thanks! I do love the subtle ones.
Also, thanks to your Windy comment, I’m now imagining all their character art with the Super Smash Brothers style announcement text.
Windy Whistles “blows” the competition!
Of course, there’s another big question that hasn’t been addressed yet. Finishing moves. What exactly is the erotic fighting game ultra combo anyway?
Background Pony #F70B
I suppose it depends on what play styles they’d be best suited for. Definitely would help to know who works best at range, who is better close up, which ones require memorizing all the move lists to be effective, and so on.
I’d probably alternate myself. I’d take a heavy character like Cup Cake, for one, because I’m terrible at games like that and I’m willing to sacrifice speed for someone who can take a lot of pounding.
And Cream Heart, because I like a character that is good with Button mashing.  
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If this were actually the character select screen for an erotic fighting game, who would be your main?
I’d definitely be a Windy player, she’s S-tier.