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suggestive (112963)alternate version (23823)artist:fishimira (306)rarity (157486)anthro (200414)unicorn (202814)3d (51314)animated (84656)arms behind back (3707)belly button (59653)big breasts (56349)black background (3597)blouse (298)bouncing (2873)bouncing breasts (2095)breasts (203223)busty rarity (9422)clothes (355254)collar (24542)dancing (6839)female (758907)garters (2191)gif (23921)hands behind back (1045)jiggle physics (1)lingerie (8390)looking at you (120284)mare (334565)midriff (16245)panties (41516)sexy (18430)simple background (290418)socks (49074)solo (875080)solo female (154785)source filmmaker (30593)stockings (25337)stupid sexy rarity (634)thigh highs (23489)thong (4773)underwear (49602)

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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

No offense, but the movement here really irritates me. It’s far too quick and jerky to be hot, and the loop is so fast it feels unnatural.

I’ve only just barely glanced at the hell that is animating in SFM, so I know it’s not easy… But surely something slow and sensual would be so much more appealing to look at.
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Background Pony #285F
Apart from the hands behind back, I do this often to flex my back muscles.

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Comments28 comments posted